Welcome to the College of Health Sciences - College Advocacy Committee Report Submission system.
The College Advocacy Committee serves to listen, gather information as needed, and make recommendations on practices and policies relating to eliminating inequity, exclusion, and discrimination in the workplace to retain and assist the faculty and staff in the College of Health Sciences.
To submit a report, you will be asked series of questions to best understand the issue or concern being reported. You may choose to report anonymously by skipping any question at anytime in the survey. If you want to reach out to a specific committee member directly, an anonymous report must be filled out, and then contact a chosen representative from the committee who can communicate with you further. A list and contact information can be found at the end of the report.
Please provide detailed information so we may best direct you to the most appropriate resources or advocate on your behalf to the correct individual to best resolve or address the issue or concern contained within the report. All information will be kept confidential and identifying information will only be provided with your consent.

CHS students, please note that your concerns regarding faculty or staff are addressed through a different process, depending on the nature of the concern. For more information, please contact the Dean of Students office to Joy Olimpo, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, jolimpo@utep.edu (915) 747-7234.

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